Suzie S. Thorn | Family Foundation

The Suzie S. Thorn Family Foundation is a private, non-government
foundation dedicated to supporting those non-related charities
with a mission in alignment with its giving principles.

Mission Statement

The Suzie S. Thorn Family Foundation was established in 1998 in
San Francisco, California. It was established as a US Charity, 501(c)3 primarily to assist underprivileged women and children and supports a variety of organizations,
locally, nationally and internationally. It is dedicated to family
improvement through education.

The Foundation gratefully accepts third party, tax deductible contributions to its efforts.
Your donation receipt will verify your contribution and can be printed for tax purposes.
The Suzie S. Thorn Family Foundation tax I.D. number is: 94-3249680.

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Applications by previous grantees must include a report on how the Foundation funds were spent. The Foundation report is found here:

Organizations Funded In 2022-23

  • Mary Elizabeth Inn, San Francisco
  • Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic, San Francisco
  • San Francisco Domestic Violence Consortium
  • Aim High, San Francisco
  • SMART, San Francisco
  • Tel Hi , San Francisco
  • Up On Top, San Francisco
  • Urban School, San Francisco
  • Donaldina Cameron House, San Francisco
  • International Commission on Couple and Family Relations, Worldwide
  • Overcoming Barriers, Nationwide
  • Community Employment Services, San Francisco

Suzie S. Thorn Foundation Board:

Suzie S. Thorn,
Joe Thorn Jr.,
Claire Barnes,
Justin Dorham,
Yasmine Mehmet,
Dennis Hanshew,
Susan Bryant, Director Barney Whitehill
Honorary Director
Barbara Burghardt,
Director Emeritus
Assistant to the President, Michael Kim
Executive Administrator,
Rhea Gong