Same-Sex Issues

The field of family law regarding same-sex relationships is rapidly evolving. Schapiro Thorn Inc. in San Francisco practices extensively in this area of the law. We facilitate domestic partnership agreements, prenuptial agreements between same-sex partners, represent clients in the dissolution of domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages, and provide additional services regarding same-sex relationships.

Our attorneys can:

  • Draft a domestic partnership agreement
  • Review a proposed domestic partnership agreement
  • Represent you in the dissolution of a domestic partnership
  • Advise and provide services in the area of second-parent adoptions
  • Advise you regarding same-sex marriage

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Dissolution Of Domestic Partnerships/Same-Sex Marriages

In general, dissolution of domestic partnerships/same-sex marriages presents the same issues that a divorce does. Community property must be identified and divided, the issue of partner support (alimony) must be resolved and the domestic partnership must be legally dissolved by the court.

Schapiro Thorn Inc. can represent you throughout the domestic partnership/same-sex dissolution process. Our goal will be to protect your rights and help you make a successful transition to the next stage of your life.

Second-Parent Adoptions

Should a domestic partnership be dissolved, a partner who does not share in the legal custody of a child may not be entitled to visitation rights with the child. To avoid this possibility, you may wish to consider a second-parent adoption. We can explain family law and discuss any potential obstacles to such an adoption. If you wish to go ahead, we can perform all actions necessary to achieve the adoption.

Same-Sex Marriage

California laws regarding same-sex marriage are in flux. We can explain the current state of the law. We can advise you of your rights regarding same-sex marriage based on the most current legal information.

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