Property Division

In many ways, a good property settlement is worth more than its monetary value. A property settlement can dispel your doubts about the future. It can lay the groundwork for the next stage of your life and enable you to move forward in a confident and secure manner.

At Schapiro Thorn Inc. in San Francisco, our goal is to help people reach optimal property settlements. Our lawyers have particular experience in property division cases involving large marital estates, closely held businesses and other complex matters.

We will work to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

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Complex Property Division Issues

California is a community property state. This means that community property (everything acquired during the marriage, with some exceptions) must be identified, distinguished from separate property and valued.

This task can become highly complex. Separate property can become commingled with the marital estate. Property owned in a non-community property state may not actually be community property under the law, even though it was acquired during the marriage. Compensation in the form of stock options or performance bonuses may be considered community property, or it may not. Valuing a business or personal property may require highly sophisticated appraisers or valuation specialists.

We have the experience, knowledge and resources needed to accomplish these and other property division tasks. We will work to protect your rights and your assets at all stages of the divorce process.

In this work, we may use the services of forensic accountants, appraisers and business valuation specialists from all over the world when necessary. These experts can be used to provide supporting evidence for your family law case and to challenge the assertions of the opposing party.

Negotiated And Litigated Solutions

Often, our experience and careful case preparation put us in a strong position to successfully negotiate an acceptable settlement. In other cases, we are prepared to litigate aggressively to protect our client’s rights and achieve the client’s goals.

In many ways, your future depends on the property settlement you receive. Schapiro Thorn Inc. will work to protect your rights and secure your future.

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