Child Support

The state of California puts the highest emphasis on the welfare of children. For this reason, child support orders are strictly enforced. If you have any concerns about child support, the experienced San Francisco lawyers at Schapiro Thorn Inc. can help.

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Child Support In California

All judges in California use the same formula to calculate child support. There are two major factors in this calculation: each parent’s income and the time the child(ren) will spend with each parent. Additional factors that may be considered are: child care costs, private school tuition, mortgage payments and tax filing status.

Each party is responsible for providing his or her financial records so the attorneys and the court can accurately determine the proper level of child support. Even though there are specific guidelines to determine child support, give and take between the parties may be required in the negotiation. A highly skilled Schapiro Thorn Inc. attorney can represent you in these negotiations.

If a significant change in circumstances occurs, such as a change in the income of a parent, Schapiro Thorn Inc. can seek to obtain a modification in the child support level for you.

Complex Child Support Issues

Certain child support issues can present complex problems. When a parent is self-employed, has hidden sources of income or is an extraordinarily high-income earner, special efforts must be made to determine the true level of income and the reasonable expenses of the children.

Schapiro Thorn Inc. has significant experience in these types of issues. When necessary, our family law attorneys can call upon forensic accountants and financial analysts who can support your case or challenge the assertions of the other party.

Enforcement of California child support orders against parents living in other states or abroad is possible, though sometimes difficult. Schapiro Thorn Inc. has extensive experience in such matters and can represent you in this situation.

Keeping Children Out Of The Middle

Recent research focusing on the impact of parental separation on children has proven one important fact:

It’s not the divorce…..but the conflict…..that causes difficulty for children when parents separate.

Parents who can learn to modulate their conflict, thereby reducing their children’s exposure to adult fighting, will contribute greatly to the future well-being of their children.

There are many resources available to separating parents to help them focus on their children’s future. A few resources include:

  • Kids’ Turn ( — Offers Bay Area workshops plus inexpensive, online coursework
  • Dr. Isolina Ricci ( — Author of Mom’s House, Dad’s House and Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids
  • Association of Families and Conciliation Courts ( — Click on the Resource Center toolbar and follow the link to Resources for Families

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