Application for support is by invitation only or by those organizations recommended by the Foundation Board members. The Foundation generally meets in the last quarter of each year followed by disbursement of funds in December.

If you wish the Foundation to consider your nonprofit for an invitation to apply, please send a preliminary email inquiry by September 1 to Claire N. Barnes, MA, Foundation Secretary, at [email protected]. Put Suzie S. Thorn Family Foundation Inquiry in the Subject line of the email.

Applications for support must be received by October 1. If you are approved to apply, click here for an application form:

Application form

Applications by previous grantees must include a report on how the Foundation funds were spent. The Foundation report is found here:

Foundation Report

Document may be mailed to:

Suzie S. Thorn Family Foundation
1242 Market St., 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

Attn: Claire N. Barnes